About me

My name is Jerry. I was born and raised in the low countries more commonly known as the Netherlands or Holland. According to a study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Holland was considered the happiest country in the world however as I moved to Ireland in 2008 I cannot confirm this.

I’ve been fascinated and inspired by the web since I stepped away from the Bulletin Board Systems and Netscape opened the gates to the internet. I think that was 1993, but definitely somewhere around that time. After clicking around on the world wide web for a few years me and a friend of mine downloaded a simple little application called WebPen to create the first website of our school (the A. Roland Holst College in Hilversum).

This bug has resided in me ever since. Naive to think that a career behind a computer screen was not for me I studied Accounting and later Business, while keeping my wallet happy through freelance web development jobs.

When Google hired me in 2008 things began to change. I had realized that most jobs required me to sit behind a screen so why not just go for the obvious? This realization grew during my work at Google and in 2010 I decided to set up Studio Stacks: a low cost web development agency for small businesses. Being able to focus 100% on the web now I expanded my skills an knowledge rapidly.

In January 2012 I joined the web team at salesforce.com to manage and expand their Dutch website and sporadically work on bigger projects impacting the wider EMEA region.